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The Benefit of Searchable Text with Interactive Video

The Benefit of Searchable Text with Interactive Video

By providing accompanying text with your interactive videos, you can improve your video SEO and create a dynamic experience for your viewing audience. Here’s how:

There’s basically two types of searchers for video: YouTube searchers and everyone else. People may be searching for a specific type of content irregardless of whether it is a video or written copy. Many people using a search engine like Google will be searching for content that you want to share on your own domain and this content you want to share may be in the form of a video.

If you are placing a video on your website, it is important to create keyword tags and place relevant text next to your video to make it easier for search engines to find your video content. A specific caption and relative keyword rich, adjacent text allows search engines to understand the context of your video. The file name of the video should align with the video caption and accompanying text as well.

If a few words of carefully thought out and strategically placed text can help search engines find your video content, can even more text that is part of your video work even better? The answer is yes. Voice over narration or on-screen talent speaking for minutes on end can yield hundreds of words of contextual meaning. Most video has these words trapped inside an audio track. Interactive video liberates these words into corresponding live text so that search engines can find them. Not only does interactive video have the ability to jump to specific visual points, but can jump to searchable spoken words as well. By providing an automated system to splay out this text, your video content can have a big impact on findability and useabilty for your prospects and customers. This is a real benefit for video SEO because search engines will not only be able to index the video title and tags, but all of the spoken words in the video as well.

One of our partners, 3Play Media has devised an innovative way to display an interactive transcript which runs in tandem with the spoken word of your video. You can search for a specific, spoken word or exact quote and the interactive video will jump to that instance. Through social clipping, you can even share specific excerpts from your video once the excerpt has been denoted. This is great ofcourse for not only closed captioning and compliance with accessibilty requirements, but provides a cost-effective way to translate the video into foreign languages.

Here is a video we shot for one of our customers, UIX Global that has an interactive transcript that we set up.


For longer form e-Learning or interactive training videos, this can be a real time saver if you want to get to a specific area that is not chaptered out.

Consider setting up your videos to be more optimized for search engines and more interactive.

To see examples of interactive video and to read more about how it can help you, explore here or watch a replay of our live streaming event about interactive video by clicking the banner below.

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