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Thought Leadership Monday Mashup: Video Marketing Trends

Thought Leadership Monday Mashup- Video Marketing Trends

At VidSummit this year, many of the top video marketers were gathered together to discuss the best ways to create an audience with video and how video can help create lead conversion.  Here, some video thought leaders discuss video marketing trends.

Why is video so powerful?  It can convey information quicker than reading and provide more engagement than listening to just audio.

Video is the most powerful platform you can have.  It’s the closest thing you can give to people without actually being there in person. They can see you, they can hear you, In a sense, they can almost feel you; so it’s instant trust, instant credibility.  It’s a powerful platform.

Jake Larsen of VIdeo Power Marketing

Matt Ballek from VidiSEO pointed out that personality plays a big part in being able to draw people in.  “Sharing your personality with your audience makes the videos not seem like sales pitches and more of an invitation to try something.”

Shouting out “Look at me” is not what it’s all about though.  Interruptive, irrelevant one sided announcements are being bypassed for relevant information that prospects need.  It’s less about you and more about what your potential customer needs.

If you haven’t been using video, you’d better get moving.

David Walsh of David lays it on the line:  “If you are not doing video in any way shape or form, your business will not exist, plain and simple.  If you don’t have mindshare using video you are going to fail big time.”

So how do you find an audience?

Walsh suggested that “the first thing you need to do when using video marketing is to identify where your demographic is, where your audience is located.  Depending on the platform where your audience lives that’s where you need to put your video marketing.”

One of the biggest trends in video marketing currently is the surge of interest in live video.  It’s no surprise that online video has surpassed social media for time spent online.  In fact social video has emerged as a hybrid between online video and social media.  It is a sense of presence that also allows people to feel connected.  Vest noted that one of strengths of the medium is that video conveys emotion in real time.

Walsh agreed “Live interaction with people on live streaming video is one of the biggest things going on. Periscope is absolutely huge right now because of the interaction and engagement that one individual can have with literally tens of thousand of people worldwide, all by using a single cell phone. You’ll see a lot more services from YouTube and other companies that will be similar to what Periscope is doing.”

Matt Ballek, VidiSEO
“I see video being everwhere.”

If you think video is ubiquitous now, watch as the growth of video on the Internet and online video marketing continues to explode in growth.

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