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How to be Social: Inbound Marketing and Social Media Integration

How to be Social- Inbound Marketing and Social Media Integration

Social media is not just fun and games anymore, but a genuine opportunity for establishing business relationships. How does social media fit into your inbound marketing mix and how do you track it? Hear from social media experts in Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube in this interactive Vlog.

The importance of attracting visitors to your brand through social media has become more apparent as lead generation occurs not only through inbound based SEO, but through social sharing. Tools like Hootsuite make posting to and managing your social properties easier, while social media integration with a marketing platform has become more sophisticated with portals like HubSpot’s social inbox. You can now see a visitor’s entire history with your brand from social following through page views and lead conversion. You can even track what the real ROI is from social media now by seeing the actual numbers of leads and customers that social media is contributing. Hubspot has contributed to the hybridization of social media and advertising with its new LinkedIn Ads Add-on feature which allows you to create, measure and leverage ads for inbound marketing.

So with all this attention that social media is garnering, it seems best to be aware of some fundamental concepts about inbound marketing and social media integration.

Viveka von Rosen Linked Into Business
Amy Schmittauer Savvy Sexy Social
Viveka von Rosen, Amy Schmittauer and Sue B. Zimmerman, from DII Periscope video at Inbound 2015.
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