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Tips on Hiring a Video Marketing Company

Tips on hiring a video marketing company

Effective, engaging, and viral-worthy online videos are about as tough to create as they are as easy to enjoy.

Every business longs for an online presence that is innovative, strategically-planned, and multi-faceted. Inbound marketing campaigns not only attract, educate, secure, and maintain new visitors-turned-loyal customers to their websites, but also establish themselves in their particular industry as the “go-to” expert. Not every business owner can take the time themselves to try to brainstorm, conceptualize, design, write, and produce impressive, consistent, and exceptional website content.

Excellent video marketing companies (ought to) specialize in successfully bringing unique brainstormed ideas to fruition. They should be passionate about and experts at launching important, award-worthy video marketing materials that highlight a client’s particular services and products. They should also convey the client’s unique brand and brand messaging. Though every video marketing company differs from the next, there are essential ingredients that every good (ok, great) video marketing company has.

Here are four sure-fire tips to remember when hiring a video marketing company to ensure they have what it takes to help create, develop, and promote your brand.

1. There’s no cookie-cutter template.
When hiring a video marketing company, you certainly don’t want to partner with one that boasts that it not only can create compelling content for your videos but also replace the roof on your building. Try to connect with a company that offers more than one video style, formula, and option—one that is as unique as your business. A company that can conceptualize and create customized video marketing solutions for you and provide the script, the graphics, the production, the editing, and all the other components at its one-stop shop—is a great agency. There are so many options in video marketing. You need a digital marketing agency that is innovative and forward-thinking. While you can secure the services of one agency to write the script , another to shoot it, and a third todo all of the post-production work, your end product will be better if each of its components is in sync with one another. It needs to be thoughtfully designed and purposefully planned from start to finish.

2. There’s more than one cook in the kitchen.
Brainstorming meetings and ideation sessions are most productive with more than one creative person in the room! A video marketing company that has a team of inspired, passionate, and experienced creatives can most effectively embrace and produce their client products. Great video marketing companies employ professionals who can work collaboratively on the writing, design, and production of your video marketing campaign. While it’s not unheard of for one creative soul to produce all of these necessary video marketing tools, it’s more cost-effective and productive to have a team of creative spirits at one location working in sync on your projects.

3. You’re their only client (not really, but they make you feel that way).
Although you are thrilled to know the video marketing company you’ve chosen has a vast portfolio of happy clients, you’re even more impressed with the fact that the company makes you feel like you are their number one priority. You’ll have their attention and time from the get-go through to the completion of your videos. After they’ve identified (from you) where your company’s been, where it is today, and where you want it to be, they’ll design the perfect video marketing plan to meet your goals. Further, a good (great!) video marketing company will need to know who your ideal customers are so that they can purposefully create persona-specific marketing content to attract that ideal customer base.

4. There are rave reviews.
A great video marketing company has a portfolio of ecstatic, referring clients and lots of completed projects to show you as examples of their work. Engage a video marketing company that will provide recent references and will direct you to websites where they’ve done video marketing campaigns. They’ll take you step-by-step through the process, and make you feel like the integral member of the team. What’s the result of a video marketing business that operates like this? They’ll have rave reviews about both their outstanding products and their world-class service.

Hiring a video marketing company is easy to do—just choose one that meets all these criteria! They’re the ones that offer some different video marketing options, services, and solutions. Employ a creative team of professional and experienced video marketing specialists; provide customized client service, and also have a flawless reputation in the industry.

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