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Thought Leadership Monday Mashup: How Interactive Video Creates ROI

Thought Leadership Monday Mashup- How Interactive Video Creates ROI

Two benefits of interactive video are better conversion rates and more sales. Since benefits have a direct correlation to better ROI, you should consider using interactive videos.

What’s more engaging than written content? Written content with imagery like photography or graphics.

What’s more engaging than written content with static imagery? Video.

What’s more engaging than passive, linear video? Interactive video.

For marketing managers and marketing directors looking to build better engagement and longer viewing time, interactive media is a great way to go. According to a recent Interactive video benchmark report by Demand Metric and Brightcove, interactive video leads to 20% more conversion efficiency.

Key findings from the report included:

  • Driving better engagement and e-learning / customer training are the two top uses for interactive video. Other top uses include lead generation, competitive differentiation and triggering a purchase or sale.
  • The average planned spending on interactive video over the next 12 months falls with a range of $30,000 to $39,999.

So what is interactive video?

The features of interactive video include the ability to:

Cass Sapir of HapYak notices more in-depth usage of analytics from interactive video content creators:

“We notice a different focus on video analytics from our customers.They treat video like the rest of the web.They,

  • track click-through-rate (CTR) from a video to a landing page
  • track submission rate of in-video polls and surveys
  • track the true engagement of individual leads and prospects (including dwell times, skips and rewatches of specific sections)
  • track direct answers to questions (at a user and audience level)
  • track viewer navigation rate to specific sections of the video“

Since over two thirds of the responses to the survey indicated that interactive video will be more important as a content type of the future, it’s definitely time to check it out.

To see examples of interactive video and to read more about how it can help you, explore here or watch a replay of our live streaming event about interactive video by clicking the banner below.

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