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Thought Hive: Live Video Marketing Campaigns

Thought hive- Live video marketing campaigns

Live streaming video has come of age. If you didn’t know the impact live video streaming is making, you will notice more live video presence over the next couple of years—especially within social media. Most experts believe live video is in a growth phase and is here to stay, so keep it on your radar!

The reason live video should be on your radar is because it has become a widespread commodity. So much so that everyday people can publicly live stream about whatever is going on in their day—to their followers as well as the larger social communities.

The many benefits that live video offers are much larger than just the value of video. Live video can be used as a brand building tool not only to increase your brand awareness but also to increase your engagement with your audience in real time.

So, if you need ways to boost or change up your content and marketing strategies, discover the many benefits that live video can provide for your brand.

Initial data from Facebook revealed that people comment 10X more on Facebook live videos than on regular videos.—HubSpot

Build New and Existing Relationships between You, Your Audience and Your Consumers.

One of the benefits of live streaming is its ability to build new and existing relationships. A live video that is hosted on a social channel automatically posts your broadcasts publicly . You can publish social media posts to notify your audience—allowing them to know you are live as well. This will allow them to have the opportunity to share your link with others.

So, what of consumers? Well, it’s little surprise that video remains incredibly popular. In fact, 79% say they’d rather watch a video to learn about a product than read text on a page—up from 69% twelve months ago.—HubSpot

Pro Tip: Be sure to take note of the engagement between each of your broadcasts and then compare the difference. Gain insight and develop content that will educate and resonate with your audience.

Knowing your audience is essential regardless of your social media platform. So be sure that you are reaching your audience during the times they are online as well as creating eye-catching headlines that appeal to the content your audience wants and looks for in your brand.

Build and Nurture Trust Instantly

Lack of trust is a huge problem that brands face when trying to market to customers over the Internet. A great way to combat that with live streaming video is opening your brand for your audience to the full inside scoop.

Launching a new product? Why not use Periscope or Facebook Live to stream production how-tos or mini-interviews with the production team. Host a live stream to discuss the history behind your brand. Maybe you have a funny or passionate story behind the scenes of your brand. Then let your audience hear it directly from you. Customers will be more likely to embrace your brand if they can see your passion behind it.

Pro Tip: Building and nurturing begins and ends with you. So be as open as possible with your brand so people can reciprocate with their support.

Receive Immediate Feedback and Testimonials

Need a more engaging way to gather feedback and testimonials from your customers? Try hosting a live streaming video Q&A with your audience or host a live stream where customers, both old and new, can share their experiences with your brand—not only for your benefit but also allowing your returning visitors and leads to hear all the great things your brand has to offer.

Seeing a product or service in action and how it is providing assistance is more effective with video because the audience tends to trust what they are seeing.—Forbes

Have Fun

Live video is a fun medium to experiment with while growing your brand at the same time. Hosting live giveaways or creating exclusive content for your audience really makes them feel special—convincing them that you have a genuine desire to serve them—not just a desire to sell to them.

Imagine this, a way to communicate exactly what you want and what your potential customers want right from the phone in your pocket. It’s fun! It’s big! Here’s an excerpt from a Wired article mentioning Marc Zuckerberg’s thoughts on live streaming video in 2016:

Live is like having a TV camera in your pocket. Anyone with a phone now has the power to broadcast to anyone in the world,” CEO Mark Zuckerberg said on his Facebook page. “This is a big shift in how we communicate, and it’s going to create new opportunities for people to come together.”—Wired

So, during your next strategy meeting, think about the benefits of live streaming video campaigns in relation to your overall marketing and business goals. Don’t let your company fall behind.

Instead, start producing your content in real time with the compelling and engaging power of live video.

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