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Marketing Video Trends: 7 Reasons Why You Need Web Video Production

Incorporating streaming corporate sales and marketing videos into your online advertising and marketing plan is not only a smart idea, but can pay off dividends by increasing visitors and, ultimately sales for your company.

Even if you’re a small local business, integrating a web marketing video into your site, will  drive viral traffic through various social media sites and will raise the awareness of your company’s Internet presence by creating a buzz.

Using an interactive media design  that incorporates streaming video to enhance your web presence is not mandatory, however, here are seven reasons to consider using the power of web video production for your company:

1.  You can reach a more sophisticated, affluent market.  According to comScore, 80% of mid-senior level executives are watching more online video than they did a year ago.  59% of senior level executives report that they would rather watch a video than read.

2.  Mobile video marketing is an online marriage made in heaven.  Mobile video viewers report that they watch streaming videos 300% longer than desktop viewers.  52% of web videos viewed on desktops are under 4 minutes while 42% viewed on tablets and mobile devices are over 10 minutes.

3.  The trend is heading toward streaming video.  By 2014, Internet traffic will be over 75% video based — which means that, while businesses are gearing up to use video, if you start now with by implementing an online video marketing strategy, you can put your business ahead of the curve and your competitors will have to catch up.

4.  Sales convert at a higher rate when you integrate sales videos.  Some companies, using a professionally produced video, have seen their sales rise between 20-40%, with those same customers reporting that they are 85% more likely to purchase the product after they’ve viewed a product marketing video.

5.  Your sales video can sell for you 24/7.  Sure, sales, technical and customer service people are critical for running your business, however, a professional sales and marketing video, or a technical training video can be viewed anytime, anywhere — which means that your employees can be utilized in other areas of your company.

6.  Marketing video production can often be used in many ways.  If you generate your business through conferences, trade shows and conventions, then those same marketing videos can be used by your sales people to strengthen their position.  Your marketing videos can also be used in a pre-sales situation to open the doors and create an opportunity for a new business sales presentation.

7.  Digital video production can shoot you to the top of the search engines.  Currently, according to Google’s Matt Cutts, marketing with video on your website, will raise the relevance of your website and will help push your site higher in the search engines.

So if you’ve decided that using streaming video for marketing your company’s products and services is beneficial, then use a professional, well-established corporate video production company to create your videos.  Just as you probably wouldn’t hire an inexperienced person to sell your most valuable product, remember that your videos are, in many cases, the first introduction to your potential client or customer.  Your web marketing video can very well be your most important sales tool. Make sure that you put as much (or even more) thought, time and effort into your marketing video production as you do the rest of your sales and marketing materials.

Web video production services can be surprisingly affordable to even small local businesses that want to create an engaging company sales video or training video. A professional, well-done corporate video production can more than pay for the upfront costs with increased sales for your company.

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