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How to Master Social Media Management with HubSpot Social Tools

How to Master Social Media Management with HubSpot Social Tools

72.6% of salespeople who incorporated social media into their process outperformed their colleagues. Yet, creating a social media campaign that engages with your audience can be rough, especially if your company doesn’t know what platforms work best with your brand, what types of content to push, and ultimately how to analyze its success once it’s live.

A great deal of creating an effective campaign begins and ends with social media listening and social media management. With social media listening or social listening, you put yourself into the conversation by listening and analyzing your social presence in order to create effective campaigns for your audience. And with social media management, you are in control of monitoring, contributing and analyzing your company’s social media presence regularly.

However, if your team is limited, investing your time into social listening or social media management can be taxing on your company’s resources. Yet, with social listening and management companies like HubSpot, they can monitor and report your social media presence in order to help you effectively target your audience, increase engagement by analyzing the successes of past content, minimize excessive use of resources by providing insights from multiple social media platforms, and so much more.

So if you’re in need of effective, resource saving tools that will help you listen in and manage your social media, check out the following benefits of using HubSpot Social. With these tools, you’ll maximize your time and resources — allowing you to focus on your marketing goals during your next social media campaign.

It’s THE Social “Hub”

HubSpot Social contains the core resources for all your social media marketing and management needs. These core resources can be divided into three categories — Social Publishing, Social Interactions and Social Monitoring.

Social Publishing is creating content for your company’s various social media platforms. You don’t have to have multiple windows open trying to publish your content on every social media website. With HubSpot Social, you can publish on all the major platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ in one location. And after creating your post, tweet, article, etc., you can immediately publish it live or schedule it for later.

Social Interactions are any replies, retweets or content shares from your audience which ultimately spreads your company’s brand identity. With HubSpot Social Inbox, engaging with your audience in a timely manner is incredibly manageable. Any time your audience favorites, mentions or messages your company, you are immediately notified ensuring quick response times and establishing trust and value early on with your prospective visitors.

Lastly, with Social Monitoring, you can build streams of interactions based on keywords, segments in your database, or by cross-referencing the two to drill down to the most important interactions. For example, tracking and targeting your content around important keywords or hashtags is very advantageous toward building your brand’s visibility as well as joining the conversation with important thought leaders in your industry.

Gain Effortless Analytics

With any great marketing strategy, analyzing the data of past campaigns is beneficial towards the overall growth of your company. With HubSpot Social Report, regardless of the social media channel, you can be measure:

  1. what you’ve published
  2. what your followers thought
  3. and how that social engagement impacted your business.

With these analytics, you can see what social media platforms you’re performing the best in i.e. Facebook vs. Twitter vs. LinkedIn. You can also see what your followers thought by measuring their engagement. For example, your post on Facebook received more clicks to your blog versus your tweet that received more RTs (retweets). And finally, you can see how it impacts your company by measuring your follower growth as well as how many of those followers are visiting your website — potentially becoming new leads.

Let a social media listening and management company do your social media heavy lifting. HubSpot Social can do wonders towards your next social media campaigns. So instead of tackling and juggling your social media presence and growth, see what HubSpot can do specifically for your company by consulting a HubSpot Partner today.

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