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7 Benefits of Personalized Website Content and a Dynamic Website

7 Benefits of Personalized website content and a dynamic website

Personalization has come to the forefront of most marketing experiences. Businesses are benefiting from incorporating smart content into their marketing. However, jumping off the deep end into smart content without proper preparation can leave you with a lot of explaining with your audience. In fact, put them in the conversation and in every avenue of your brand with these seven benefits to using personalized website content for a dynamic website and an overall engaging user experience.

In fact, put them in the conversation and in every avenue of your brand with these seven benefits to using personalized website content for a dynamic website and an overall engaging user experience.

What is Personalization Marketing?

Presenting a visitor to your website with content that is not in line with their needs will leave them feeling disgruntled and ultimately cause them to leave your site. In contrast, by presenting personalized content to each of your website visitors according to their likes and dislikes, you create the advantage of having on-hand a community of people that faithfully represent you as your brand cheerleaders.

The disadvantage of most static websites is that their content is not consumer focused. However by creating a dynamic website, you are using smart content to shape a personalized message to your audience at each stage of the buyer’s journey.

But there are some disadvantages to personalized marketing if improperly developed. If you are going to use your audience’s behaviors and feedback to benefit, for example, future web design layouts and marketing campaigns, you should do so in a precise and accurate manner. Research, understand, know, and develop content under the premise that you must present the best user experience possible for your audience.

The challenge for everyone today is to create an emotional and psychological contract with your customers that separates you from everybody else. And what better way to do that than to allow your product or service to become a platform by which your customers express their own interests, needs, desires.—Bill Taylor

What is smart content?

Smart content is a huge part of the new era of marketing, and if used properly, it can create an enriching experience for your customers as well as your marketing effectiveness. For most businesses, lowering bounce rate, increasing lifetime value of customers, and decreasing the cost of customer acquisition are lofty goals for one budget. But with smart content, you can accomplish these goals and others. By mapping your site and guiding your visitors through your brand with smart content, you are setting up the pillars of success.

In order to get from personalization to relevancy, what you have to look at is not necessarily all of that past purchase history or that past activity of what a consumer has done with you but really looking at what they’re trying to accomplish with you on this particular shopping trip for this particular objective.—Nikki Baird

What are the benefits of personalization and dynamic website content?

  1. Dynamically generated content is not only for your website. You can include smart content in newsletters, nurture emails, marketing videos, portfolios, and message boards as well.
  2. Navigation is a key factor in the success of dynamic content creation. Present your website visitors with the options and specific information they are looking for and leave out the information that is unrelated or irrelevant.
  3. Personalization allows you to send a heartwarming message to anyone visiting your website even if you are out of the office or unavailable.
  4. Connecting on a personal level helps build brand awareness and puts you in touch with valuable insights.
  5. Smart content provides a way to present new and fresh content each time a visitor stops by. This will increase the amount of time a visitor stays on your website especially when 78 percent believe that organizations providing custom content are interested in building good relationships with them.
  6. Because dynamic content is easy to amend and update, you are able to constantly improve the effectiveness of each element. In fact, having the ability to quickly and easily amend copy allows you to ensure your messaging is speaking to your site visitor in a productive and caring manner.
  7. Adjust the location of the dynamic content for A/B testing to improve the overall performance of your website.

I want to be known by the store I frequent the most often every time I walk in because it benefits me and I’m willing to trade my privacy and my personal information in order to get that personalized experience.—Charlene Li

The key takeaway is knowing your buyer personas and presenting them with valuable, informative, and interactive content—boosting your conversion, reducing your bounce rates, and increasing the effectiveness of your overall marketing performance.

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