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San Leandro Video Production – Prototyping the City of the Future

San Leandro Video Production - Prototyping the City of the Future

In the highly anticipated release of the sequel to the popular video New San Leandro, local hot spots of innovation and forward thinking businesses are featured. New San Leandro featured in-depth interviews with industry leaders, whereas its new counterpart  San Leandro: Prototype City of the Future, is a music video of sorts which communicates on numerous levels. Direct Images Interactive was contracted by the San Leandro Chamber of Commerce and given a task to work in conjunction with producer Derick Lee on the promotional video which was recently premiered at the Prototyping the Future Conference & Expo.

This project was mapped out to reveal what San Leandro is to the world: a booming manufacturing powerhouse which now has the ability to attract innovators from all over the world.  The recent completion of its fiber optic loop is an integral part of this expanded technological and advanced manufacturing movement.

Dave Johnson, CEO of the San Leandro Chamber of Commerce, shared “This video tells the story of how the city and community of San Leandro is taking advantage of its unique and powerful assets and strong Bay Area economy. It represents honoring both the traditional companies as well as a high priority growth of the maker community. Very importantly, the video honors our millennial generation and their growing creative contributions.”

director Bill Knowland, producer Derick Lee
Director Bill Knowland
and producer Derick Lee
There is a trending buzz in the city of San Leandro and most importantly it is just beginning. Video director Bill Knowland of Direct Images Interactive said, “As we were making headway on the project, we identified that there were several audiences for this particular video.” After consulting with Greg Tung and Rod Stevens, Bill and Derick decided to frame the film as a story about the community working together. “We wanted to show San Leandro as an open community where ideas flourish and innovation happens”, Knowland pointed out. San Leandro is rich with millennial trailblazers and individuals who have established a very modernized take on the present evolving into the future.

The level of synergy weighs heavy on the mind of Lee who works closely with the city on a day-to-day basis. “The project has two forms: as a millennial generation outreach video and as a community empowerment video. It is about bringing the outside in, and bridging the gap for community success. This vision was conveyed with all of the many shots of individual movers & MAKERS.”  The project was done using aerial videography and other creative video production and editing techniques.

All of this buzz created during the San Leandro video production promises to continue creating awareness and inevitably bring more innovation to the East Bay city. Cece Adams, membership director for the Chamber expressed excitement and remarked, “Everyone came together in collaboration and knew the value of what the future has in store, and what we can offer the world of technology.” All individuals involved in this project have played a major role in it is current and future success.  The movers & MAKERS of San Leandro have vowed to shape the city.

San Leandro plans to leverage its fiber optic loop, centralized Bay Area location, lower-than-average cost of living and its progressive, synergetic community of visionaries to become the prototype city of the future.

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